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All Growers

Welcome to Mustaches for Kids 2008 Nationwide Challenge!

CLICK HERE to visit the current 2009 - 2010 Mustaches for Kids Challenge.

See the results from 2008 by Grower (below), by City, by Employer, by Educator or by College.
$274,535 donated
4,541 members
Name Supporters Donated
Help Kids, Give Poetry: Grow Justin's 'Stache

Help Kids, Give Poetry: Grow Justin's 'Stache is launching its first philanthropic effort by joining forces with Mustaches for Kids and to help bring poetry to students in needy...
83 $5,633
Crowstache for kids

Crowstache for kids

Please help us make a difference in a local kid's life... I'm raising funds to support the amazing students of Oakland elementary school Think College Now. ...
75 $5,700
Dr. Andres Alonso

Dr. Andres Alonso

Great Kids and Great Schools are worth growing a Great 'Stache.
73 $6,128
Gabe's Notorious M.U.S.T.A.C.H.E

Gabe's Notorious M.U.S.T.A.C.H.E

Please take a look at the very very righteous causes for you to choose from. This is do-gooding at it's best and you can see exactly where your money is going. ...
65 $8,867
Joe 'Moses' Romanelli

Joe 'Moses' Romanelli

I can hardly believe it either, but it's Mustache Time Again! Thanks to our efforts in Charlotte this has turned into a stache competition with cities all acros...
55 $2,958

Jack "12 Hair Harry" Sylvan

First off, I ain't growin' this fuzzy little derelict caterpillar for nothin. It's for the kids. Please support the mustache by giving generously to these proje...
54 $3,489
Chris Doll and Murray the Mustache

Chris Doll and Murray the Mustache

This is my second year growing for Mustaches for Kids! Though not excited to be growing another 'stache, I am excited to help fund lots of worthy causes. I'...
54 $2,468

Hi, Please support my stache by giving to NYC schools. Thank you very much. any donation of $20 or morewill get you an autographed keepsake photograph of ...
51 $905
Ray 'Mustachio Nut' Mathis

Ray 'Mustachio Nut' Mathis

Raising money for kids and teachers in need of a little extra this school year.
50 $2,786
Michael 'My Third Brow' Szarowicz

Michael 'My Third Brow' Szarowicz

Hey guys! Sponsor my 'stache by picking a project to fund below!
49 $5,444
Ryan Darmody's Stache Page

Ryan Darmody's Stache Page

I'm growing a Mustache for Kids again this year! Some people run marathons or collect soup labels or pull tabs off soda cans to help a charity. My buddies and I...
49 $3,383
Pranav 'Master P-Stache' Saha

Pranav 'Master P-Stache' Saha

Thanks for visiting my Giving Page! To sponsor my 'stache, make a donation to a Baltimore area project from the list below. Please don't let my 'stache ...
48 $3,580

Chris "Milk Mustache" Michael

* ONE DAY LEFT - PLEASE SUPPORT THE KIDDOS * Friends - it is time. Only ONE day left to fund these final two fantastic projects - both come from NYC Teaching...
47 $1,720

Joshua "The Silly Affectation" Brach Farnum

Okay, this is for real. Joshua is growing a MUSTACHE. FOR KIDS. Here's the deal: Joshua's going to look HILARIOUS for a month, and all you have to do is ch...
47 $1,026
Robert aka Bob

Robert aka Bob "for the kids" 'Stachenson

Hi, please help by giving to one of the classroom projects I've listed below. Thanks! Without your support the effects of the mustache may soon become permanent...
46 $2,095
Peter 'Magnum P.G.' Gilchrist

Peter 'Magnum P.G.' Gilchrist

Dear Friends & Family, Please donate and help me grow the best mustache possible. I need all the help I can get. I plan to send out photos each week, updati...
41 $1,180

Michael "Mojo Muzzy" Wilson

40 $1,962
Scribe's 'Stache Page

Scribe's 'Stache Page

Welcome to the Mustaches for Kids donor page for Steven T. Jones, aka Scribe. The simple projects I've chosen all promote reading and writing, interests dear to...
40 $1,314
Mark Hermano aka Peter Redwood

Mark Hermano aka Peter Redwood

The Peter Redwood Mustache Fund
I'm growing a mustache for kids. No seriously. I am. As an Asian male, I may not be able to grow a lot of facial hair, but I can raise a lot of money. Help ...
38 $1,195

Brian "Brown Chicken-Brown Cow" Jones

Make me look like a fool, and raise money for kids! What could be better? you really want this guy in the picture to show up at your doorstep!!! ...
38 $1,175

Derek "Selleck" Rundgren

Come along with me on a magical journey as I grow out my facial hair and eventually unleash a Selleck-level lip broom onto the Metroplex. But I know what you...
38 $1,169
Cash for Stache Brigade

Cash for Stache Brigade

Mssrs. Tanner Fahl and CJ Steffen
37 $9,285
Brian Smith's Mustache

Brian Smith's Mustache

Laugh all you want, but at least throw $5 or $10 my way for the kids!
35 $1,046
Mike Bufkin

Mike Bufkin

Hey Everyone! Hard to believe that it's Mustache Season already. Thanks for all the support you can show for the Charlotte growers as we remind the rest of ...
34 $3,297
Michael Ray's Really Skeezy Mustache Club

Michael Ray's Really Skeezy Mustache Club

Dear friends & colleagues, Thanks for helping support the kids while you encourage my slow transformation into a used car salesman. While I may not be saved, ...
34 $2,349
Brian Crane 2008 Moustaches for Kids

Brian Crane 2008 Moustaches for Kids

Donating gives you: 1. Full privilege to humiliate me and my ridiculous moustache; and 2. Give DIRECTLY to a specific teacher / classroom to ensure that our kid...
34 $1,506
Pierre Stroud's mustache

Pierre Stroud's mustache

Help me fund these great classroom projects and support my award-winning mustache!!!
34 $1,335
Ted Strawser

Ted Strawser

Hey There People Help me help the kids help you to fund a winning moustache. Read between the lines, this is a win/win proposition: 1) You get to enjoy th...
32 $3,858

Dahni-El "Stache-tastic" Giles

As of December 10th, WE DID IT! We funded all of the proposals! Thank you so much for your support and generosity! The final mustache pictures will be rel...
32 $3,110
Mitch 'Murstache' Goldman

Mitch 'Murstache' Goldman

Greetings, friends. I hope you can take a moment to look at the projects I'm trying to help fund and pick one (or more!) to support. Most of the projects I've c...
32 $1,388

Cherry Hill “united we ‘stache"....

Mustaches for Kids Cherry Hill 2008!!
Welcome to the website and donation page for the Cherry Hill Chapter of Mustaches for Kids 2008. Beginning in early November, male staff members at Cherry Hil...
31 $2,778
A Mustache Grows in Brooklyn

A Mustache Grows in Brooklyn

Without beard support for the first time in three years, Mark Sullivan Bernal challenges the denigration of the mustachioed class and hopes to raise funds for s...
31 $1,761

Ron "Mr. Mustabulous" Babcock

I've grown a mustache before and it does not look good. I know this because once a woman I didn't know stopped me on the street, pointed to my mustache and said...
31 $778
Ed Cooney

Ed Cooney

If you donate to one of the following programs that benefit school kids directly, I'll shave this abomination off my face on December 18. Otherwise, I'll paint ...
30 $1,177

Adam "GOULET!" Peindl

GOULET! This is my sophomore year growing a mustache for kids, and I'm pumped! Another month of stroking my upper lip in deep thought, raising money for the kid...
30 $997
Thomas Magnum

Thomas Magnum

I've already received donations from Higgins, T.C., Rick and Robin Masters - you should be the next.
30 $888


Welcome to echoStaches where a group of bold young men are putting their manliness (and creativity) to the test growing all kinds facial hairwith one important ...
29 $1,511
Jaimin 'Fu Manchu' Shah

Jaimin 'Fu Manchu' Shah

Grow a mustache for charities benefiting kids because: (1) it's a great charity, (2) you won't have to shave, and (3) because kids can't grow mustaches thems...
29 $1,036

George "Calle Ocho" Boorujy

28 $1,434

Joe "Growzer the Growzarian" Baker

The War on Hairorism
Hey folks! Thanks for visiting my donation page. Remember kids? I do. They are cool. They are curious. They ask all the tough questions and are always ...
28 $1,171
Jason's 'Stache + Your Cash = Bright Futures!

Jason's 'Stache + Your Cash = Bright Futures!

Hey Everyone! What you hear is true - I've shaved my beard and commenced the growth of a truly sketchy mustache. Call it what you want - voluntary humiliati...
28 $870
Will 'El Captain' Cumby

Will 'El Captain' Cumby

Thanks for visiting my Giving Page! To sponsor my 'stache, make a donation to a Baltimore area project from the list below. Please don't let my 'stache grow in ...
27 $1,382
Charles Knight and The Commissioner Gordon

Charles Knight and The Commissioner Gordon

Please "sponsor" my Mustache by making a contribution to one of the classroom projects I've chosen. This donation will go directly to local low-income classroom...
27 $1,109
Kevin Reen

Kevin Reen

27 $1,031

Brady "Money, Stache, Hoes" Smith

Hello friends, family, and 'stache lovers of the world. What can I say about M4K? Cultivating a mean lip rug for an entire month is a completely awesome exper...
27 $620

Chad "Frito Bandito" Levine

If I am going to embarrass myself again less than a year later, I expect everyone to give at least twice as much as last time. I am guessing that our new presid...
26 $3,928
Ian 'Mustavage' Savage

Ian 'Mustavage' Savage

Help my 'stache' help kids! I know I'm going to look ridiculous, but this is for a good cause. I know my 'stache' can do good, but only with YOUR support. To...
26 $1,644

Mark "The Quivering Beast" Buege

My mustache thanks all of you for giving!!
26 $1,160

Jon "Night Rider" Beall
Please support me in my efforts to raise money for kids w/ my 'Stache! - Your donation buys books and supplies for kids at under privileged schools. PLEASE HELP...
26 $1,015

Roosevelt Elementary School Mustache for Kids

Welcome to Roosevelt Elementary School's Mustache Contest! All of the male teachers-including our principal- are growing Mustaches for four weeks to fundraise f...
26 $696

Joel "Steel Brush" Tompkins

Sweetest 'Stache Winner 2007
I have one simple goal this year: to be the first grower in NYC history to follow up a Sweetest 'Stache title with the title of Biggest Fundraiser.
25 $3,527

Justin "That's what my mustache looks like?" Steinberg

Growing up all I ever wanted was a mustache. Every year for Halloween I was a mustache. For christmas I asked for a remote control mustache. And now that I am g...
25 $1,426
Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II with Ian Ainslie

Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II with Ian Ainslie

Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II is on his way and needs your help to help the kids. Help Murdock help the kids. Take a look at the projects we're trying to ...
25 $1,372
Sponsor My Mustache

Sponsor My Mustache

Just select a project below and HELP A TEACHER as you help my mustache swell with Magnum P.I.esque pride. And, tell all your TEACHER FRIENDS about DonorsChoo...
25 $949

Dan "Lil' Ed" Baldwin

Hey Y'all! This is a great cause and can really help some kids and schools that are in desperate need even when education funding isn't suffering from a budget ...
25 $879

Eric 'Guinness Grabber' Guzik

Dear friends, family, colleagues, people I tolerate, folks I loath, and random strangers that somehow found this website: It's another round of growing the s...
24 $3,436

Moe "Dusty" Seitter

My 'stache ain't trash...
24 $1,560

Neil "Rusty Brown" Brideau

I'm participating in Mustaches for Kids to raise money so students can learn and enjoy learning through new materials and books. Also, on a really greedy level ...
23 $1,399

Philip "Stache Ketchum" Bajorat

Year 3 of Mustaches for Kids! Well, in Chicago at least. In the first two years the effort has raised more than $36,000. The receiving organization has chang...
22 $2,191

Darren "Kid...DYN-O-MITE" Thompson

In my 2nd attempt at growing a mustache, I'm focused on two topics: (1) Autism and assisting students across Charlotte who struggle with the disability and (2) ...
22 $1,111
Michael Grant, P.I.

Michael Grant, P.I.

Friends and Family- This sweet stache really is for the kids, and in a completely legal way. Your donations will DIRECTLY provide for materials otherwise lac...
22 $854

Scott "Olympus Mustache" Overton

All of you know me well enough to realize that I am not the kind of man that would run a 5k. Luckily, our current social landscape makes competitive mustache gr...
22 $820

Ray "Tom Selleck" Steinmetz

Hi Everybody! If I can agree to look ridiculous with this mustache, you can give money to kids. Check out the initiatives below.
22 $499

Joe "Scratch" Yingling

Thanks for visiting my Giving Page. Please support me as I grow my mustache by making a donation to one of the Baltimore area projects listed below.
21 $1,778

Jay "The Warm Lip" Bevenour

I have trained for quite some time in preparation for this event, and now feel that I am ready to focus my efforts on moustache (elitist spelling) cultivation. ...
21 $734

Alan "Stachatolla Khomeini" Best

Please consider making a donation to one of the classroom projects below. Help my 'stache help our kids. Thank you!
20 $1,498

Nick "El Mustachio" Daniello

Stache for Cash ... Get in the Holiday Spirit and help a good cause. It's for the kids.
20 $1,286

Chris "Smitty" Socha

In case you haven't heard I'm growing a mustache in an effort to raise money for high poverty children. Most of the projects that I have selected to sponsor ...
20 $1,092


Im growing a Mustache for the first time (more than 3weeks) this coming month, and all for a good cause. Please read below at the projects I have listed and pic...
20 $755

Tony "S*T*A*C*H*E" Pugh

The only mustache that I have successfully claimed as my own has been milk induced so here's a shot to see if 1) I can actually grow facial hair and 2) help som...
20 $698
Bence's Mustache Page

Bence's Mustache Page

Trying to help out some schools in need.
19 $1,518

Jeff "The Pirate" Mathews

Hello, Welcome to the Pirate's DonorsChoose giving page, aka the M4K 2008 Thundering Broadside of Charity. Thank you for supporting me during this 2008 Musta...
19 $1,495
Aaron 'Dr. Stache' Mamula

Aaron 'Dr. Stache' Mamula

Hello Friends, Welcome to my giving page. Below you'll see funding proposals that have special meaning to me. I've always had a strong belief in the importa...
19 $1,272

Dave "Dr. Stache" Foster

Thanks for visiting my giving page. To sponsor my 'stache please make a donation to one of the Indianapolis projects from the list below. As you can see from th...
19 $1,094

Mike "Tango & Stache" Shriner

All it took was a simple viral email about three years ago that included rumblings about a group of brave, rogue Chicagoans that were willing to "grow" a little...
19 $1,061

Jon "Hairy Potter" Alexis

I never asked to be able to grow a mustache better than anyone else. Dumb luck I guess. A gift from above. But my decision to share that gift with the world,...
19 $984
Matt 'Sneaky Pete' King-Lineberry

Matt 'Sneaky Pete' King-Lineberry

Thank you for visiting my giving page. Your donation will provide kids in the classroom with much needed materials and projects to foster development. ANY donat...
19 $870
Paul 'Rollie Fingers' Claiborne

Paul 'Rollie Fingers' Claiborne

Only one week to go before I shave off this beautiful crop of hair. Please consider giving if you haven't already done so!
19 $862

Matt "Jermajesty" Cabana

Hey everyone!! Thanks for coming to my donors page. Please look through the donors that I chose to sponsor on my site and pick one that you think would be benef...
19 $814

Alex "The Dirty Lip" Bluhm

If you want to laugh at my ‘stache, donate some cash! <br><br> <a href="">Check out my photo blog </a>
18 $1,575

Bob the "Stache" Heck

Hey Baltimore, it's the season of giving! Let's support Baltimore City school teachers and students with a donation to'll be glad you did! ...
18 $1,163

Cliff "Edgar Allan Grow" Etters' Moustache-A-Rama

Hello All! Welcome back for another year of moustache hilarity and giving for a great cause. Please take a moment to look around, find something you like an...
18 $1,079

Pedro "Martinez 45" Romaniuk

Family, Friends, Colleagues, Thanks for visiting my giving page at! With your generosity, we have secured a new rug for the kindergarteners at...
18 $998
R-Hump's Super Sweet 'Stache

R-Hump's Super Sweet 'Stache

I'm sure glad I didn't throw out this Groucho Marx mask that was missing the mustache... Thanks to everyone who has generously donated so far. And for thos...
18 $900

Josh Larkin's 'stache for kids

Friends: It is with mixed emotions that I send you this e-mail. That's right, from mid-November to mid-December I will be subjecting myself to "public humiliat...
18 $781

Valdez "El Plumero de la Galleta" Bravo

Friends, Everyone knows that teachers have one of the toughest jobs around. Long hours, enduring patience, creativity and flexibility, and care are all chara...
18 $581


I used to teach, its a tough job by itself. But, I don't know how some teachers can even attempt to do it without the resources they need. SUPPORT TEACHERS! ...
17 $1,429

Chris "Tobias Funke is my hero" Ito

Dear Friends, It is with mixed emotions that I post this message. As you may know, the urge to help others has always been strong in my heart. Unfortunately,...
17 $1,138

Matt "Mo Staches Mo Problems" Motyka

Welcome to the barren, uninhabitable wasteland that is my upper lip. UPDATE: One project fully funded! Now let's take the training wheels off and see what th...
17 $626

Jim's Lack o' Stache

Howdy Gang, In an effort to help the kids, I have decided to grow a mustache! Yes, some people run marathons...others grow facial hair. That's right, you can...
17 $557

Stuart "Waly The Love Caterpillar" Newberry

So my buddy Ian convinced me to follow in his footsteps this year ( Starting on November 12, I'll be growing a musta...
17 $539

David "Snotty Stache" Rothauser

Not only am I growing a Mustache for Kids but I'm also a NYC public school teacher. I teach 9th grade science in a small school on the Lower East Side of Manhat...
17 $530

Remy's Stache Parade

Hey everyone. Now that's four projects fully funded! Thanks for your donations. Now let's help these other classrooms!
16 $1,315

Andrew "Mysterious Mustache of Mystery" Kippen

Rather than submit my body to a long, drawn out, and painful experience for joints and bones, I've opted for a month of disgusted looks, complete failure with t...
16 $1,085

The Digital Stache!

Hiyo! This is Brad the technology teacher at PS 40 Augustus St. Gaudens and I am growing a Mustache for Donors Choose and Mustaches for Kids! How does this work...
16 $824
Brian Gallegos' 'do I really have to grow a' Stache Page?

Brian Gallegos' 'do I really have to grow a' Stache Page?

Welcome to my Mustaches for Kids page. Thanks to Mom and Dad, I have the perfect storm of dark, thick facial hair and bright white skin so now it's time to...
16 $702

Blake Aarons's 2008 Mustache

In order to be able to make fun of my nasty "Stache" you have to sponsor it! Sponsorships help to fund local classroom projects for kids, in many cases at low-i...
16 $685

Matt "St.(Eu)Stache" Kirsch

Since I was blessed with flat feet and childhood asthma, I can't run marathons. But I can passively grow facial hair. Help me and my moustache help kids learn b...
16 $617
Mustachio'ed Mr. H!

Mustachio'ed Mr. H!

Make me look like a fool, and raise money for my kids! What could be better? For those who don't know me, I'm Matt and I teach 5th grade math at KIPP Academy...
16 $514

Sean "El Salvador" Busher

16 $330

Mateo "Cuauhtemoc" Jaramillo

I grow for all past Aztec rulers. And their kids.
15 $1,230
Afam's Mustachapalooza

Afam's Mustachapalooza

15 $718
mrothtache for kids

mrothtache for kids

Some people run marathons to raise funds to benefit worthy charities -- I will grow and document a ridiculous moustache. And it's all for a good cause! For t...
15 $692

Zachary "The-Most-Must" Levy

15 $570

Ryan "Nice and Nietzsche" Duke

Inigo Montoya
Other Possible Mustache Names: Ned Flanders Nose Neighbor The Rollie The Pushbroom Cookie Duster Bluster Buster Kurt Vonnegut JR jr
15 $455

Eloy 'Hair Today, Gone Tommorrow' Zuniga Jr.

Hi my name is Eloy Zuniga Jr. If there's one thing I do enjoy, it's a good read. Something that everyone should be able to appreciate. I have until December 5th...
15 $351

Anson 'Little Mustache That Could' Call

This Mustache will make my wife very sad, and some deserving children hopefully very happy. If every Mustache could do so much... the world would be better for ...
14 $1,354
Alan 'Inigo Montoya' McGee

Alan 'Inigo Montoya' McGee

My mustache will be raising money to inspire future engineers, while the rest of me endures a month of public humiliation. Facial Hair + = E...
14 $1,239

Steven "The Stache" Feld

Welcome to my mustache page. I hope you will give generously to one of the many worthy causes here. Make my growing a ridiculous 1970's era mustache worth the h...
14 $1,089

Dennis "The Lt. Dangle" Coyle

This handsome boy is about to become a handsome man. The transformation will take place over the next month, during which time I will be growing a moustache. ...
14 $715

David "50 Yard Stache" Woolf

Welcome to my 50 Yard Stache Page. The name took many minutes of brainstorming with everyone on gchat at the time. Basically, this is just like any other cha...
14 $566

Chester's "Not just for looking good anymore" Donor Page

Celebrate my stache of shame and give to the kids.
14 $559

Martin "Nordic Splendor" Olson

I'm stoked to be growing for the 3rd year in a row. Last year was a record setting year fundraising wise for me although this year I've gotten enough other folk...
14 $477
Henry Bristow's Landmark Mustache

Henry Bristow's Landmark Mustache

Hi This is Mitchell Baker's giving page. All the PS 39 projects are funded now, so I chose a few more to fund. Zoe's teacher submitted a proposal, but i...
14 $471
Pete Larsen

Pete Larsen "you know...for the kids!"

Great Charity...100% of your donation goes towards the total needed to fund the project. Plus if you know how absolutely ridiculous I look with a mustache you g...
14 $470

tony loya's grow page

hello, friends. our schools are in dire need of funding. below you'll find a few projects i have chosen to support. i hope you can find it in your heart to pled...
14 $406

Joe "Escalade" Calouche

Thanks for sponsoring my 'stache to support local classrooms in Charlotte!
14 $320

Matthew's DetroitStache

Please don't make me grow this mustache in vain, give to one of the great Oakland school projects I have selected!
13 $1,761

Bruce's Brustache

In order to make fun of my Brustache, you have to sponsor it, by funding one of the low income classroom projects below. As you may know I am investing in Det...
13 $913
The Thing on Dylan Turner's Lip

The Thing on Dylan Turner's Lip

Yes, the idea is to sponsor me to grow my mustache. I admit that I'll never have a Rollie Fingers, but I promise to do my best to grow my stache to its fullest!...
13 $849
Jeff (One-Half, Twin-Stache) DelViscio

Jeff (One-Half, Twin-Stache) DelViscio

Go Staches!
13 $791

Cameron "Leonard" Smith

Yes, please make fun of my mustache.* *By making fun of my mustache you are entering into a legally binding contract to donate to one of the great project l...
13 $752

Stu "Mgmt." Weiner

It ain't the 'stache you're funding, it's a project from the list...
13 $726

Max "Señor Bigote" Zarou

I pledge that if I receive the most donations of my chapter, I shall NEVER AGAIN attempt to grow a mustache. Ever.
13 $675

Derek "Oates" Serafin

When I was younger and in school, there were very few things that interested me. But those that did manage to hold my attention have somehow stuck with me for 2...
13 $576

Andrew "Bald Eagle" Till

You all know how pathetic I look whenever I forget to shave for a few days (or during hockey playoffs), so here is a chance to make me look like even more of an...
13 $459

Ray 'The Bandit' Hernandez

13 $384

Dan "Sophomore Effort" Hewins

This is the second year that I am doing mustaches for kids and I couldn't be happier and prouder to be participating!
13 $356

Zane "Pancho Poncio" Ullman

Greetings friends and colleagues! Glad to see that you've joined me on this fantastic voyage to facial hair super stardom. The key thing to remember is that ...
13 $170

Tony "The-Loc" Hutchins

Thanks for sponsoring my 'stache!
12 $1,136

John "The Creeper" Newton

Friends, family and co-workers: Thank you for visiting my Giving Page, and supporting my mustache and public school classrooms in Charlotte. I've picked ...
12 $1,108

Gabe "Hanger Mustache" Kleinman

Thank you for stopping by my page. For the month of November, I will be participating in the 2008 Mustache for Kids campaign. As a grower I will be raising mone...
12 $1,053

Mike "Goulet" Green

Friends, It's that time of year again where fantastic facial follicles meet friends and family funds to feed local school programs. Thank you for sponso...
12 $842

Robert 'Mr. Stachie' Muthamia

This is the first week of growing in LA and I'm just getting started on this interesting project for the first time. I'm really exited about this and I hope tha...
12 $697

Jesse "Stache Money Millionaire" Furlano

12 $637
Pete And Jon

Pete And Jon "Mustache Messiahs"
Please help us as we transform into Magnum PI wannabees for an entire month. We have decided to act against our wives wishes and grow mustaches to support child...
12 $595

Nick "the Bubba" Slijepcevic

Hi, and welcome to my DonorsChoose giving page as part of my participation the "Mustaches for Kids" competition. Essentially, I will do my best to grow a re...
12 $566

Kevin "Zapata" Duel

Kids need mustaches. They need a mature guy like me to grow one. And they need money for important learning opportunities. Please consider donating and watch my...
12 $506

Jacob "Lip Blanket" Rothman

12 $385

Vinnie "STACHE Money" B.

Thank you for visiting my page, supporting my stache, and more importantly supporting the kids!! I have chosen a few of the projects that stuck out to me--baske...
12 $351

Aaron "Fuzzy Lumpkins" George

Here's to all my supporters. Growing a mustache is a commitment that involves the blood, sweat and tears of a dedicated individual. Mostly just the blood involv...
12 $340

Marcstache Ambrose

12 $313

John "Fuzzy Boundary" Amundsen

Thanks so much for your interest in my most distinguished mustache. My mustache enjoys port, architecture by le'corbusier, and chex mix. It also enjoys helpin...
12 $285

Skip "Tango and 'stache" Long

the hair on my face is good for something. at long last we have the definitive proof of that. Many thanks in advance for any help you may offer. I'm going t...
11 $920

Joe 'Lil Schnellenberger' Jones

Thank you for visiting my page and for generously donating to a worthy cause that will make an immediate difference in the life of a small person willing to lea...
11 $805

Andrew "Patchy" Smith

If you thought that I was ugly before, things are only going to get worse over the next few weeks. I will be growing a mustache... for kids. This is my first at...
11 $750

Brandon "The Frogstache" Graham V. Josh "The Dangle" Tolle

It's for the Kids
11 $696

Jason Byrd

Hi Everyone! I just want to say Thank you for coming to my page. I am growing a "70's STACHE" to help raise money for low income students/classrooms. Please hel...
11 $520

Jay "Captain Stachetastic" Swanson

Hi everybody! Here is where you'll find the lucky beneficiaries of funds raised by the sweat of my stache. I promise that any mustache related achievements made...
11 $505

Scott "The Fat Doc Holiday" Dukart

Like all great men of history (Magnum P.I., Vincent Price, Barbara Bush), I have decided to grow a sweet, sweet, mustache... and I'm doing it for the kids! I've...
11 $480

Josh "The Last Stache Fighter" Feemster

For the months of November through December, you may wonder why I have awkward looking facial hair growing on my upper lip. This is because I care very deeply f...
11 $445

Sponsor Brad Jones' Mustache

Public humiliation in the name of education! Please give what you can. This won't be easy for me. Magnum, P.I. looked cool with a mustache, but that show was ca...
11 $440

Charlie "StacheHeap" Hess

Thanks so much everybody. And after giving you will receive an automated 'thanks so much" email in your inbox. So, doubly (and triply now) thanks so much!
11 $419

Aaron "I'm a grower not a shower" Cornelison

Thank you for visiting my giving page. I will try to keep it updated with recent Stache Pics. My latest from Stache-giving break should be uploaded soon. Yo...
11 $375

Zach "Whiskers" Etzel

For years we've all wondered if I could do it, and what it would look like. Now in the year 2008, babies will be adopted, pollution and crime will cease, Jesus ...
11 $333

Bill "Boot's Stache" Halpin

11 $315
Greg Holtz's Upper Lip

Greg Holtz's Upper Lip

My colleagues at Elmhurst Community Prep in Oakland have proposed some creative and engaging projects for our students. From Family Reading Night to insect spec...
11 $298

James "Uncle Leo" Osterhout

I want to give it to kids like I give it to everyone else; with brute force and conviction. My father used to tell me, spread it everywhere, and that's what I'm...
11 $288

Michael 'Flavor Savor' Oberg

Family and Friends, It is with much embarrassment that I inform you of my latest endeavor. I have decided to grow a mustache to help raise money for low-income...
11 $260
'Stache Licata

'Stache Licata

I'm growing a stache to help raise money for kids. But Sean, there are so many kids, who will you help? The kids of IS 195 in Harlem, where I teach. Hey look, I...
11 $250
Mustache for Books

Mustache for Books

Who would have thought that my simple mustache could inspired you guys to help teachers encourage literacy? This has been a terrific experience! Kids in low-inc...
11 $197

The N

We love mustaches. You love kids. Kids need help. You help kids. Mustache wins.
10 $890

Chris "Mr. Science" Giorni

It is Mo-vember and I am asking for your help. I am growing a mustache for kids. This is the first in my life in fact. Here is the deal I grow a small mouse und...
10 $580

Jordan "The Business" Pearce

In order to make fun of the 'stache I'm growing over the next four weeks, I'll need your help to sponsor it by funding a low-income classroom project from the l...
10 $524

KANUDE's 'Stache for Kids campaign

Friends: Thank you for coming on board as a donor for my Mustaches for Kids campaign. That's right, from mid-November to mid-December I will be subjecting mys...
10 $485
Derek 'Mystic Marlow the Mustache' Smith

Derek 'Mystic Marlow the Mustache' Smith

In order to make fun of my sweet 'Copstache', you have to sponsor it by funding a low-income classroom project from THE LIST BELOW... Any donation no matter ...
10 $477

Aaron Lazor Mustache

In order to keep my ridiculous mustache growing, please support the student programs in need below... <br> <br> Thank you, <br> Aaron Lazor
10 $406

Ben "The Morrison" Morris

Please help make the 'stache grow by your donations for Mustaches for Kids. Barrett and I wanted to do something to help the community we live in, so we appreci...
10 $400

Erik " Baby Face" Donovan

Hi I'm Erik and I would like to welcome you to my giving page. I am a 6th grade special education teacher myself and know how hard it is to get everything a tea...
10 $380

Jamie "Thin Stache" Tompetrini

I'm not growing my mustache for the looks (and trust me, I'm getting some really funny looks), I'm doing it for the kids! Since I'm lending a stache, why don't ...
10 $374

Brian "Stache Doggie Dog" Danley

Mustaches for Kids! I know it's not a charity where you raise money by walking for 3 days, or running a marathon. I mean come on. Do you really think I could do...
10 $371

John "Mind the Gap" Rogers

10 $345

Matt "Darth Stache" O'Neal

I decided to give back to the activities that I enjoyed growing up: science and music. I looked at over 500 projects across the country and narrowed it down to ...
10 $340

Dr. Michael "Middle School Stache" Crupper

The children thank you in advance for your donations. You are helping to educate school children, grow the little 'staches in their hearts and build the foundat...
10 $330

Brad "Flanders" Rackow

WITH GREAT MUSTACHE COME GREAT RESPONSIBILITY Thanks for visiting my growing page and supporting one of the great projects below. This is my second yea...
10 $300

Brendan "O'Mustache" Dougherty - Cash for my 'stache!

Hello fellow fans and supporters of the worldwide mustache movement! Please support the shadow of a 'stache that I will proudly attempt to grow over the next mo...
10 $280

Justin "Handlebar" Johnson

Ok, here's the deal. From Nov 13-Dec 13, I will humble myself and grow a mustache for charity. I can't grow a mustache to save my life. But, I will try to ...
10 $250


Friends, Family, and Co-workers, It is with mixed emotions that I write this message. That's right, from mid-November to mid-December I will be subjecting my...
10 $197

Kevin "Folli-cool" Perry

9 $650
Mustache Jimmy Charity Page

Mustache Jimmy Charity Page

Hello, friends. I am asking you to "sponsor" my Mustache by making a contribution to one of these classroom projects below. This donation will go directly to ...
9 $640

Kirk 'Lip Fuzz' Smiley

Friends, family, countrymen...lend us your dollars to help kids in the name of Mustaches! (And when I say "lend," I mean donate!) The more money you donate, the...
9 $539
Joel Sutherland

Joel Sutherland

Hello everyone, I am growing a mustache that you can watch the progress of here: I am undergoing this humiliation fo...
9 $505
Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom

Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom

Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom
Family and Friends, Thanks for checking out my page. Please sponsor my 'stache by donating to a project below. Your support will have a lasting impact on the...
9 $503
Brian 'Miracle Grow' Peede

Brian 'Miracle Grow' Peede

I want to say thanks for visiting my Giving Page. If you would like to support my Stache, please donate to one of the Charlotte Projects below.
9 $490

Adam 'The Caterpillar' Cole

You can make fun of my mustache, but please help me help a low income classroom project from the list below.....
9 $422

John 'pray mine looks like Ned Flanders' Charles Collins

Stache Me Please
All, please come along for a ride with me on my initial excursion into manhood. In accordance with making the world a better place, I will be growing a mustache...
9 $400

Jason "Meshugastache" Polevoi

In the name of kids everywhere we are finally going to find out if I can grow facial hair!
9 $389

The 'Stache That Keeps On Giving

9 $385

Ben "Jamin" Schmuck

Greetings fellow mustache interested web surfer. I'm taking a break from my regular beard-growing winter to help support kids in Chicago. I picked project...
9 $370
Pete's Mustache

Pete's Mustache

My mustache is a fervent supporter of arts and education, and thanks you for supporting the following Portland-local causes. <div style="text-align:right;">Sincerely, Pete.</div>
9 $342

Adam "Classy Stache" Vater

What a great cause to be apart of! Thank ya'll so much for choosing to donate and to help the kids in Charlotte. So in order to gain some large donations (or ev...
9 $325

David "No Beard" Swift's Grow Page

9 $314

Justin "The Gentleman" Stevens

9 $205

Pete "Professor Stache" Durning

Hello Family and Friends, As my mustache grows dirtier and more ridiculous by the day, I am asking you to support me in this epic growing journey. If you fee...
8 $631

Matt Murphy (the hidden stache)

Welcome to my growing page. The Children need your support. There is quite a bit of information about the projects if you click on the "MORE" link by each one. ...
8 $544
Jason's Stache

Jason's Stache

8 $376
Zach's Lip Sweater

Zach's Lip Sweater

Hello, and thank you for visiting my giving page. I am wearing a push broom on my top lip for the next month for a very important reason. The students and teach...
8 $375

Shane "MarioMustachio" Wood

Hello Donors!!!! Well, if you are on this donor site you have probably already committed to donating some of your hard earned money towards a project; so thank...
8 $365

Chris "Dr. Stacheness" Cangialosi

8 $329

Dave Hourston / Mustache Sally

I am growing a 'stache for a great cause! How many people can claim that their facial hair is for charity?! Please support the below project to reassure me that...
8 $280

Sean "Flanders" Wallace

OK. A few fellers in the building and around town think they can out-stache me. As fall settles in, I have to let it grow with the first snow. Due to Fuzzy Lip'...
8 $263
Brian 'trashstash' Ries

Brian 'trashstash' Ries

Hello friends! I'm growing a mustache for charity. It's kinda like a marathon, but without all the painful running. I need your donations to make this work! ...
8 $256
Ned Shalanski

Ned Shalanski

I'm very happy this holiday season to be a "Grower" for the New York Chapter of Mustaches For Kids! Young and old kids alike face a myriad of challenges outside...
8 $250

Ethan "furry caterpillar lip" Brown

Please donate (tax deductible I might add) to Mustaches For Kids. You will be helping 5th graders learn creative writing and provide musical instruments to elem...
8 $230

Kevin "Ironsides" Ingham

Thanks for choosing to help the grow. I have chosen science themed projects to support! May the growth be with you.
8 $225

The Ewok Stache

Hello everyone, I'm a New York City based photojournalist and dork. I'm growing a mustache to try to help students ESL students at P.S. 67 in Brooklyn get some ...
8 $165

Dominic's Ultimate Mustache Giving Page

8 $160
what can Travis' Mustache accomplish?

what can Travis' Mustache accomplish?

Hey There Everyone! I'm Travis Pazin. My company has taken part in a "mustache growing competition" here in san francisco. What would make me do something a...
7 $751

Bud Hinman

Sure Captain Planet had Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart ... but he didn't have Stache! With our powers combined we can help fund Philadelphia Area schools an...
7 $525

Jaron "60% of the time, it works every time" Ball

THANK YOU for helping the kids in Charlotte. You donate some cash and I will send you some awesome pictures of my stache (it's a work in progress). Pretty sweet...
7 $525

Brent "Silent Movie Villain" McCormick

Simply put, help me help kids learn by sponsoring my mustache. Please help to provide children in need with the opportunity for a better education and a bet...
7 $511

Danny "Randy" Staton

Hey Friends and Family. Please read about all the Kids you will be benefiting by donating money to this wonderful cause.
7 $494

Will "One-Amino-Acid-at-a-Time" Luo

We'll "grow" together as a team...
7 $427

Nasser "Captain" Asif

Friends: It is with mixed emotions that I send you this. That's right, from mid-November to mid-December I will be subjecting myself to "public humiliation...
7 $420

Nathan"Smashing Stache" Clark

Hello, Friends. Over the next 4 weeks I will be growing only a mustache in order to raise money for special needs schools. If you've taken the time to check out...
7 $412

Nick "Oates (not Hall)" Greer

Why should anyone grow a 'stache? For the kids of course! If you appreciate the utter defacement of my (otherwise perfect) visage please pledge a few bucks to h...
7 $390

M4K 2008 - Kipper's Shady Mechanic 'Stache For Kids

Thank you donors! You donations will go directly to the requested projects on this site. I like the science projects personally, but feel free to email me sugge...
7 $389

Sean "The mustache" Ryan

Sean is always looking for a good excuse to grow a mustache, and what better one than "Mustaches for Kids"! He is confident that his friends and family will sup...
7 $370

Alex "Crumbbum" Reventlow

7 $312
Mehrshad Mansouri's Society for the Protection of Wild Mehrstaches

Mehrshad Mansouri's Society for the Protection of Wild Mehrstaches

November 11, 2008 Dear Concerned Friend, It is with both deep humility and profound honor that I seek your assistance in raising awareness for the Society...
7 $266

Bob "Stache and Burn" Stinchcombe

Friends, Family, and Those Who Enjoy Watching People Make Themselves Look Like Asses: This year, I will be participating in a charity event called "Mustaches...
7 $260
Scott 'My Mustache Wears Me' Davis

Scott 'My Mustache Wears Me' Davis

Not only is my mustache really good looking, it's also artistic. The projects I have chosen will help bring arts into the schools of LA. Who knows, maybe one ...
7 $245


Hello Friends - I have a Mania growing on my face. Yes that's right, I've named my mustache, the Mania. Please donate! It's for a good cause. Check my progress....
7 $240

Stephen "Lip Tickler" Reese

Thank you for supporting my mustache, and more importantly school children who really need our support. Feel free to donate any amount, all donations are greatl...
7 $230

Adam "Rockin the Selleck" Martinez

I'm growing a sweet mustache to help raise money for students and teachers in the SF Bay area! Take a look at the projects listed below and make a donation toda...
7 $225

Jeff "Stachematic Adjustable" Welch

For years I've been mindlessly following the pack and mowing my mug. To think of all the energy wasted...well no longer. In the name of these school projects, I...
7 $225

Greg "Mad 'Stache" Pinn

If growing a mustache helps the kids, imagine what growing an entire beard can do!?!?!
7 $220
Jason McElweenie's Personal Grow Page

Jason McElweenie's Personal Grow Page

Hello everyone, welcome to my personal Giving Page. Have a look around and review some of the great things you can donate to in Houston to help our local school...
7 $220

Carl "The Sundance Kid" Collins

I had dreams. Now I am growing a mustache. This is going to be awesome. In order to justify my 'stache I need your support. I am asking you to "sponsor" my mu...
7 $210

Nathan Only Shaving For the Kids Wilson

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Henceforth I shall be removing all known facial hair, for the first time in nearly a millennium, and concentrating all mental and physical ...
7 $210

Doug "The Ripper" Riepe

Who knew that growing a creepy stache could help benefit so many kids and schools. Come on guys get off the hip and help the kids! Thanks Doug
7 $185
Eric Sebastian Silvestri

Eric Sebastian Silvestri

This is a good cause. Do it for the kids and for mustaches everywhere. Thanks for your support!
7 $157
David 'The Cadillac Kid' Stagg

David 'The Cadillac Kid' Stagg

It's only one time a year I get to grow a Western mustache... and it's for a good cause!
7 $145

John Roberts

It's that time of year again. Please give for the upkeep of the mustache so it can raise all the $ it can.
6 $791

Washington Township "Mustaches"
Thank you for supporting the children of Indianapolis! Your Washington Township School Mustache Growers appreciate your support!
6 $657

Roy Williams

When I'm not catching passes, I try to help kids get the education they need to succeed. Growing a mustache is my way of showing support for public school teach...
6 $591

Fred "HotforTeacher" Byers

Friends & Fasmily, In order for you to make fun of my sad attempt at a 'Stache, you must sponser it. Please make a donation towards one of the low-income cla...
6 $582

Zack "Upper Lip Plummage" Newsome

Rocking a 'stache these days isn't as cool as it used to be. But I wouldn't do it unless it had a good purpose - kids. No one would argue that a good education ...
6 $515
PJ Koll

PJ Koll

6 $445
Team HUGE Mustache

Team HUGE Mustache

This is a group giving page where you can donate on behalf of all of the brave and bristly growers at HUGE in Brooklyn. You've had the pleasure of snickering ab...
6 $365

Dan "The Mouthbrow" Miodonski

The mustache lives on. Donate to help these teachers teach their teachable children. Donate to give reason for the season of the 'stache. Donate, ...
6 $349

Scott "furry lips" Jenkins

So you are only allowed to make fun of my "cheesey" mustache if you sponsor one of the projects I have chosen below. This is a way to help local teachers help d...
6 $340

Jesse "Ugly Stache" Day

Hi. Thanks for coming to my donation page. Please take a look at the great projects below. All but one are for local Houston schools. Thanks for caring and maki...
6 $315

Rick "Stache Infection" Furlano

There are many worthwhile charities but we believe that helping kids to learn can make a huge impact on their lives. Even small donations can help these kids an...
6 $275

Jake's Stache

Our children are our future! Together, my stache and your money will help build a better, brighter tomorrow, filled with effective teaching, effective learning,...
6 $255

Patrick "my middle name is Richard" Carr

This fundraiser supports Chicago Public School Students! Please donate.
6 $246

Crustache Cohen

Hey Team, Ever since 8th grade you have been requesting that I grow a mustache. Well, your wish has been granted. Besides your enjoyment, I am doing this ...
6 $180

Estrovitz has a 'stache

6 $165
The Dash for Cash for Stash - Grant Repsher

The Dash for Cash for Stash - Grant Repsher

I will be growing a mustache from November 13th to December 14th to support Mustaches for Kids. Please pledge generously by choosing one of the following progra...
6 $155
Rad Moustache for Rad Kids

Rad Moustache for Rad Kids

Hey - So I'm doing Mustache For Kids ( whereby you grow a mustache and get people to donate for it. It's like those marat...
6 $155

billy "stachealious" troy

6 $145

Erik "E-Stache" Grove

6 $139

Allan "Al the Welder" Smallwood

On behalf of a grateful grower, I thank you for your generous donation to this worthy cause.
6 $125
Don's Mustache

Don's Mustache

Thanks for joining my mustache's efforts to help teachers in Oregon provide quality service.
6 $115
Zeph Courtney

Zeph Courtney

After four years in hiding (within my beard) the mustache emerges...for the kids. Please donate and make this moment all the more special.
6 $110

San Francisco - General Donations

5 $824

Chris "L'il Muzz Muzz" Peterson

I've chosen projects that are focused on reading, early childhood fitness, and art, all of which I think are incredibly important. Many of these projects are al...
5 $785

Jim "Guadalupe the Conqueror" Stratton

Thank you for visiting my donations page. Please make a donation to one of the Baltimore-area charities listed below, they need your help and I need to shave th...
5 $613

Cam "The Used Car Salesman" Heiliger

5 $531

Pearce Hayes M4K Charlotte, NC

Friends, family and co-workers: Thank you for visiting my Giving Page, and supporting my mustache and public school classrooms in Charlotte. I've picked a few l...
5 $445

Mitsu's Mustache

I'm growing a mustache for a month to help publicize, a wonderful organization that helps to funnel supplies and resources to help teachers and...
5 $373

Ken "Munson" Gordon

I've picked a handful of projects that are close to my heart -- arts projects, mostly, in my home borough of Queens. More projects are listed with my growing...
5 $370

jes "mustachio"

5 $365

Mike "Give to Grow" Brown Sr.

Ok, so it's growing! The race to fund some cool things for kids in need is still ongoing, so if you haven't ponied up - be Santa for a kid who needs your suppor...
5 $255

Adam "StacheRock" Ellsworth

If you have a stache and you love it clap your hands! OK folks, now is the time to pull out the wallet and pony up some dough. I know that you've enjoyed my mus...
5 $242

Abraham "Moose" Detchemendy

Come one, come all and join me in helping the children! Watching me grow a horrendously Amazing mustache shouldn't be rewarding enough, please donate and help o...
5 $240

Dave "the whisker sensation" Puketza

I look ridiculous with a mustache. Also ridiculous: the amount of funding many classrooms get. But maybe MY ridiculousness can help offset THAT bit of ridiculou...
5 $233

Mike "Mo' Stache" Brown

Once again, I will be donating my upper lip to charity this holiday season, becuase that is why God allows men to grow mustaches: that they may make money from ...
5 $230
Carl Randecker's sweet stache

Carl Randecker's sweet stache

Please support my stache so we can support these needing classrooms and children.
5 $224

Clif "Stache-tastic" Wooten

5 $210
Tobin's Cash For Stache!

Tobin's Cash For Stache!

I'm finally putting my wacky facial hair to use and growing a mustache to help fund school programs.'s the story. Donate some money, feel good...
5 $205

David Andrade's Hairy Tarmac

Help me make a difference in these children's LIVES!!!
5 $200

Craig "CHP" Robinson

Hi, For this project I am going for a circa 1970's CHP look. As a teacher at Animo Leadership Charter High School, I know how needed programs like this a...
5 $200

Ryan "Handlebars" Hagen

I have never worked for a more noble cause or had so much fun doing it. Thanks for your help.
5 $195

Kevin "The Vinnie" Leach

Thanks for all the support and sponsorship, its for an excellent cause, spread the word
5 $185

Jeff "The Earl of Stache" Channell

Remember its for the Kids!
5 $180
Tiny Dancer can change the world

Tiny Dancer can change the world

Hey everyone! I have decided to participate in this embarassing yet for a great cause event. You are only allowed to point and laugh at me if you donate money. ...
5 $175

Driscoll grows a mustache for the children

I have two parents and both of them are teachers and I want to give back to the kids. Also, I love mustaches.
5 $170


5 $166
Tim Greer's Mustache-O-Rama

Tim Greer's Mustache-O-Rama

Hey all! I'll be shaving off the beard and starting fresh, growing a wonderful, ye olde-fashioned moustache to promote reading and the arts in schools.
5 $165

Christopher "Stache Master" Blish

Stache Master
The kids need us so I am asking you to laugh at me, make fun of me, but give me money for the kids. For the next 4 weeks I am going to grow my mustache, no trim...
5 $148
Mike Tremoulet - Stache for the Cash 2008

Mike Tremoulet - Stache for the Cash 2008

Give. It's for the kids. And I look ridiculous. Support my mustache! Houston is participating for the second year in this...
5 $145

Samuel "Urinal Grass" Richard

It might seem silly to be raising money for growing facial hair, but I can assure you that it is not just fun and games. Our schools need more money than they a...
5 $135

Sean "Il Mustachio" Lemoine

With the growth of the lip rug comes the warmth of the season. Remember the holidays, the spirit, and Tom Selleck's Magnum Mustache. Give it up for the kids!!!
5 $131

Chris "The Bruss-stache" Bruss

5 $126

Carlisle "Barely a Stache" Hamrick

5 $121

Bennett "The Flosser" Griffin

5 $120

Brant "Stud" Carnwath

Hey I'm Stud Yeah stud the stash! I'm helping raise money for kids here in charlotte and am looking for any bit of help. Just thing what jsut $5 or even $20 ...
5 $116

Curtis "Captain Insano" Kieler

Let's help out the kids. And ensure I haven't been growing this mustache for nothing. I look like Peter Sellers for Pete's sake. Pick a cause below and donate! ...
5 $107
John's Fantastic voyage in follicals

John's Fantastic voyage in follicals

hey! I'm growing a mustache because all the kids deserve to see me with one, and I should have to go through the ITP winter show with a mustache. now you should...
5 $90

Jamie "El Guapo" Lynch

Greetings loved ones and compadres. It is us, El Guapo and I encouraging you to help us eliminate ignorance by donating funds to educate kids in our own Queen c...
5 $80

Ian "The Street Sweeper" Patrick

Alright so it's still week one and my mustaches is growing feverishly. I have updated my 'stache photo so all can see. Please make fun of me, but not without do...
4 $708

Julian 'Snuffalupagas' Pagan

I've decided to enrich this holiday season by sharing my mustache with the world. It will keep my upper lip warm and share the joy of reading with challenged ki...
4 $421

Mr. Bill Young

Just do it for the KIDS.
4 $420

Dan The-Stache-Man Gonzalez

Hi friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to support my stach, but most importantly, the kids. The two projects I have chosen to support are near and...
4 $305

RD "Purple Cobra" Covington

Helping out the kiddies and looking to repeat my follicle dominance.
4 $300

Bill Mott is asking you to please help a kid...

I'm growing a stach so you'll sponsor a kid thru one of the projects pic! Thank you.
4 $295
Matt 'Ol Rusty' Snyder

Matt 'Ol Rusty' Snyder

Ol Rusty is back! Ol Rusty was originally born from a bet with my in-laws to get a Hawaiian shirt. This time I'm forgoing personal gain and instead doin' it for...
4 $287

Mike "Mazzy Moo Stache" Maslin

I love this project because I love my STACHE
4 $285


Please consider giving a donation for the children of Indiana. If you will give the money, I will (try to) grow the facial hair. Thank you
4 $270
Charles 'Tiny Dancer' Best

Charles 'Tiny Dancer' Best

I'm growing a stache to raise money for classroom projects in the Bronx. Please consider donating to one of the projects below. Tiny Dancer and I thank you for ...
4 $250

Michael's Moustache

Look, I know that this moustache makes me look like a cop or some 80's television action hero/private investigator... I am growing this for the students at my s...
4 $242

Ryan "the bandit" Howse

4 $240

Rod's "Reluctant Stache" donor page

I thought growing a mustache would be a simple thing but it has proven to be more painful than I thought. Please donate to one or more of the projects below to ...
4 $240

Gerry "Whisker" Whitaker

I am all for helping out my students, school, and coworkers but when a team member suggested growing a mustache for charity I must admit I hesitated. I have nev...
4 $215
MyNameisBill's Mustache

MyNameisBill's Mustache

Hello friends. I know we're living in hard economic times, here. But you know who else is living in hard economic times? The Kids, thats who. And since there's ...
4 $205

Jake "Turlock Baron" Stone

4 $188
Charlotte - General Donations

Charlotte - General Donations

Don't have a specific Grower in mind in Charlotte? Make a donation to a Charlotte classroom by picking a project below! To see more pictures of guys with 'st...
4 $186
JJ & his

JJ & his "MO MO Mustache" for $$$$

OK, So I already have a mustache (mainly because I am super cool), but I will be wiping the slate clean on November 9th so I can show all my friends how to grow...
4 $185

John 'Un-Amazing Stache' Sewer

Its for the kids. Need I say more?
4 $185

Pedro for President (Nathan Berton)

4 $175

Jeff Hayes

Please support the growth of facial hair on my head... It's for the kids!! Think of the kids!! Seriously though, please do consider sponsoring me for the mo...
4 $171

Joe "El Bigote" Rogers

4 $165
Miles the CatStache

Miles the CatStache

Although I can't grow a mustache, I can put a fake one on a picture of my cat and help get donations for local Philadelphia Schools. Thank you so much for your ...
4 $155

Matt "El Capitan" Perreault

4 $150

david "the Cossack" stahl

My stache will be dope!
4 $100
Rob T's Mustache

Rob T's Mustache

Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy my facial hair.
4 $91


I'm growing a mustache to see if I can endure the feeling of having a runny nose for over a month. Also, it helps the kids, so please donate!
4 $60

Zach "T. Boone" Walker

My mustache has a plan to end our dependence on foreign oil and to build a new domestic energy future for America.
3 $821

Casey "The Push Broom" Pickett

3 $563

Fergus '0 for 2' O'Kane

Welcome to my Giving Page! Please make a donation to one of the projects listed below.
3 $552

Keith 'Hall & Oates' Messick

Stache-Tastic! By supporting my super sweet 'stache, you are supporting the classroom projects for hundreds of kids. Do it for the kids.
3 $373

Bruce "Lip Mange" Crescenzo

3 $300
Brandon's Grow Page

Brandon's Grow Page

3 $300

Señor JerMariachi TerBush

3 $296

Brendan McMoustache

Hello, i'm Brendan McGovern. I can grow a moustache now that i am an adult. as of now i'm involved in a moustache growing competition with a few of my collea...
3 $235

Vik "Bollywood Macho" Thakur

3 $225

Dave "the Baleen" Scavullo

Having gone through school as a dyslexic I know that a little of the right help can allow bright children to negotiate the school system and achieve greater suc...
3 $201

Simon "Dean Mustachio" Landon

I am ecstatic to be part of Mustaches 4 Kids after the pure and utter pain of watching my colleagues participate last year and missing out. I'm here to help out...
3 $199

Kyle "Free Ride" Dare

Hey there! I love school, I love 'staches, and I love using my mustache to get books for the kids! It's a win, win! Rockout!
3 $179


I know this is weird, but if not now, when? These are teachers proposing projects for their classrooms -- basic, important things we should be paying for with t...
3 $160

Glen "The Italian" Zangirolami

Growing a mustache is like learning to ride a bike. You need to try it at least once in your life! It's for a good cause!
3 $155

Stefan Mantyk

Hey everybody! (That includes you) This is a great cause and it's the best reason not to shave! If you love me, or love kids, or like motorcycles and helium...
3 $145

Aron "My Stache has a Posse" Womack
Thank you for your support!
3 $140

Matthew "Der Kommissar" Stafford

The epic grandeur of my mustache requires that you donate money to charity. Do it, or suffer the wrath of Der Kommissar.
3 $130


This is to donate for Mustaches for Kids NYC for Glenn and his unusually hairy face. Please give money to help get Glenn to remove this small, cheesy aardvark f...
3 $125

Sean "Larry Bird Stache" Josephs

While my previous attempts to grow a mustache have been met with scorn, this time around I humiliate myself for the worthy cause of helping kids.
3 $123

Tim "The Mustache" Favorite

3 $120

Brian 'Used Car Salesman' Baker

3 $105
Kenny Taylor's Folicals of Hope

Kenny Taylor's Folicals of Hope

3 $101

Joshua "DITKA" Womack

Here is your chance to redeem yourself from all the wrong, by simply donating money to the KIDS and in return you get to see me look totally awesome with a must...
3 $90

Benjamin "Apache Chief" Vigeant

I can barely grow any facial hair, but that won't stop me from sacrificing the little face real estate it can get for the kids.
3 $85

Brady "Creepy Stache" Bunch

Thank You for coming to support my dream of Art in the schools and a way awesome 'stashe. Please take a moment to Give a little and I will try to grow alot. ...
3 $85

Matthew Wettergreen's Personal Grow Matthew Wettergreen's Personal Grow Page

For one month in 2008 I'll be growing a mustache supporting Donors Choose dot org, providing educators around the nation with the funds they need for their clas...
3 $80

the paris mustache

mustaches and kids... sounds a bit creepy, but it's actually a good thing! please, give like my mustache depends on it.
3 $75

JM Pingul's money 'stache

3 $75

Patrick "Mustache P.I."

3 $70

Curtis"The Natural" Drake

3 $70
Jonathan 'Mr Tickles'

Jonathan 'Mr Tickles'

My 'stache plans to inspire dirty looks across America, from Wall Street to Main Street, trains to planes, and from grocery stores to the bathroom mirror. Gi...
3 $60

Jared adams

Every dollar counts!!! We all have the right to a healthy mind opening education. Help our education system keep up with the wonderful minds of our children. ...
3 $60

Bryan "McErvin Stache" Ervin

In honor of all the children in this country that may have been fathered because of mustaches like mine, I would like to give back for their education... with y...
3 $60
Brian Hall

Brian Hall

The journey has begun. With a clean shaven face and open heart I ask you to help me give back to the children.
3 $60

Mr. "It's A Me" Parrilli

Hello friends, family and anyone interested in making a difference. Welcome to my mustache page and please help by making any donation you choose. Any amount fo...
3 $50
Jeff 'The more you give the more I grow' Howard

Jeff 'The more you give the more I grow' Howard

Here we go again...year 2 when I will endure a month of dirty looks, shame, and overall depression about my genetic indisposition for growing facial hair. But h...
3 $40
VladiStache Bernard

VladiStache Bernard

I know some of wont and can't believe it but I cut my Mustache! WHY WHY would I do such a thing. Losing my Billy D Swag was hard but I can't forget rule #1 ...
3 $35

Josh "MALTstache" Schaffner

3 $31

Mark "stache-zilla" Flanagan

My first year as a grower. Come on guys, i know you envy the 'stache, but turn your envy into good will and go ahead and donate to one of these worthy causes! ...
3 $30
Terry's 'Stache

Terry's 'Stache

Help me raise money for my daughter's music room. She teaches at Bateman Elementary School in the Chicago Public School District. I'll be growing a mustache ...
3 $25

Oliver"yogi"(not your average stache )bone

Come folks, these kids need your help and yogi(not your average stache) may be awesome but he can not do it by him self so we all need to pitch in and help thes...
2 $749

Jeff "Killer Stache" Kaye

Thanks for visiting my page. The Mustache for Kids campaign is a great way to get people involved in helping out in classrooms across the nation. It helps get t...
2 $659

Portland - General Donation

Unsure of which handsome grower your donations should go towards? Make a donation to an Oregon classroom by selecting a project below! For more information on o...
2 $546

Steven "David Axelrod" Pate

Facial Hair for Change.
2 $399

Josh 'Mr. Machismo' Quance

I am growing a mustache for kids in Seattle public schools to have supplies and experiences that will enhance their learning. Please support my facial growth by...
2 $322

Baltimore - General Donations

Don't have a specific Grower in mind in Baltimore? Make a donation to a Baltimore classroom by picking a project below! To see more pictures of guys with 'stach...
2 $250

Matthew Abate's Giving Page

2 $229
Mustachio Mr. M

Mustachio Mr. M

I am counselor at a middle school in the Bronx. Please support one of the projects below.
2 $191

Matt "Lip Pad of Love" Brock
If your lip is hairy clap your hands.....if your lip is hairy clap your hands! Thanks for visiting my site folks, now is the time where I ask you to please dig ...
2 $150

Vayden"the handle" Minnich

hey gang. so i'm growing a mustache for kids don't let me look like a creep in vain. i know will all get a good laugh but shell out some of those hard earned...
2 $150

Arnie's Grow Page

This little bunny's growing a mustache, for the kids.
2 $145

Howie "Crash" Higgins

2 $125


I find the website to be an excellent aid in assisting schools.
2 $110

Clay Schossow's "Mustache"
Hey Everyone, I'm growing a "mustache." You can read my profile and see it progress here: Don't expect much, I'm about as c...
2 $101

Philippe Bouyer

2 $100

Will 'Weird Al' Doran

2 $100

Ramon "The Latin Lover" Carlos

Ok people, I know we have all spent thousands of dollars on stuff we don't use. For instance I have paid $30.00 a month during the past year on a gym membership...
2 $90

David "Manly 'Stache" Will

Hey Everyone, Thank you for visiting this donor site and for taking the time to consider sponsoring my "Take-no-nonsense" mustache. Take a look at some of th...
2 $90

Dan "Crosby, Stills & Stache" Lobring

I'm the reigning sweetest stache winner and I look forward to a repeat in this my third year of growing.
2 $80
Andrew's bald face-->hairy lip

Andrew's bald face-->hairy lip

Make my shame worthwhile. I grow this 'stache not for myself nor for irony, but for the kids - so please support the projects below. To find out more about ...
2 $75

James "Magnum" Ingalls

I am psyched about this opportunity to help young people learn by just shaving some facial hair off. Yes, I have been attached to what little facial hair that I...
2 $75

Mrs. Stiever-stache

Although I can't grow quite the mustache the boys can, I can certainly raise money for this worthy cause. Join me in contributing to the well-deserved and modes...
2 $65

Jeff's "trash stache" Chance

2 $60

Isma the mustache cheese

I was born with my mustache, it's just like one of my 6 brothers.
2 $55

Simeon "Stached Out" Willbanks

Support my efforts to scratch Teresa's face, I mean, raise money for schools in need! To watch my progress, please <a href="">visit</a> my daily photo updates.
2 $52
Karl Lassberg... Growing for Gold

Karl Lassberg... Growing for Gold

"You know... for kids."
2 $50

Brian's Crumbcatcher for Kids

This is a fun way to show support for education and bring sexyback. Participants will shave off their facial hairs and attempt to grow the most beautiful mus...
2 $46

Matt "Nick Stach Danger" Townsend

Please give money to kids, they're our future. This is for Mustaches for Kids based out of SAC-Town. Any amount will help even a buck or two. I have picked 4 lo...
2 $45

Michael Smith's Stache

Thanks for getting this far learning about what we're doing for those that weren't involved last year. Please help if you can and these teachers and kids would ...
2 $40

Tommy "The Flavor Saver 'Stache" Schroeder

This all started out as a fun contest at our firehouse when I forgot to shave before a shift started. We found out about this website and signed up the next wee...
2 $40

Mike "Selleck" Nadolny

2 $40


In this climate of renewed hope and change, we have to bring the world to the classrooms. War is the worst way to learn geography, let's do it another way!
2 $40

Simon "Says Real Men Wear Lip Whiskers" Dominguez

Support my 'Stache by giving any amount to a classroom project below. Thank you!
2 $35

Adam "Real Steelers fans grow staches" Steedle

Support my stache, LBC classrooms and the Steelers--or else! Give any amount to a classroom project below. Thank you!
2 $35

'Stach for Cash

Hello All, I'm way to lazy to walk or run long distances. This is right up my alley. I've decided to hook onto this initiative which I feel is very beneficia...
2 $35

Joey "The Handlebar" Schillaci

2 $30

J. "the lip-napkin" L.

It seems growing hair on my upper lip is like growing money on trees...or so one could imagine. Please help donate to these fine causes, so that you can see how...
2 $26

Dan "Magnum" Palshaw

Help support my journey into the unfamiliar world of the mustachioed by helping to fund a low-income classroom project from the list below...
2 $26

Sassy 'Stachey

My mustache's name is Sassy 'Stachey and in order to see it grow, please donate money to the following low-income classroom projects! Any amount is appreciated!...
2 $25

Lane's Mustache

Thank Thank Thank you for all those who have given, are thinking about giving, and will give. This is such a worthwhile organziation. Both parents and my brothe...
2 $20

James "Bandit" Ross

2 $20

"A in A 4" for our KIDS

2 $10


Will be growing a Mustache so that I can raise money and that money will be donate to teacher in public schools for supplies etc..

Andrew "Monster 'Stache" Broy

I'm a Chicagoan in exile in Atlanta and am growing a mustache because I want to support teachers and their students. Let the 'stache growing begin!

Tim "Stachely Simpson" Falk

Hey all! I'm finally using my facial hair for good! Because with great facial hair, comes great responsibility.

Bryan "Cash for my 'Stache" Powers

Hey, welcome to my page. Ok, pretty much I am growing the best 'stache ever over the next month. Why you ask? Because I like doing random things like this for a...

General Donations - Miami

For those of you who don't know anyone growing a mustache in Miami, here are a list of projects you can donate money to!

Jeramy Hall


Matt Boykin's Hairy Lip for Humanity

For thousands of years man has grown his moustache in the hopes of doing something great. Until now that dream has remained only that, a dream. Now thanks to a ...

Vernon "Support Our Kids" Wright

These are tough times for so many and our teachers and children need Your Support. Help provide direct support to these programs. You can reaaly make a differen...

Mike Schimpf's Mustaches 4 Kids Page


Anthony Flint's Mustache Campaign 08!

Help support all the local schools around the Charlotte area this year. I am growing this mustache, that often times looks a little funny, it definitely is a li...

It'll Grow On You

"With great mustache comes great responsibility." Peter Griffin

Brian "have stache will travel" Furlano


Brad "Lejerius" Bennett


Mustaches for Charlotte's Kids and Teachers

E-rock's Larry Bird Stache

E-rock's Larry Bird Stache

My mustache contains both blonde and black hair follicles, kind of like the great Boston Celtics basketball star Larry Bird. You should feel sorry for me and do...

Matt "Does this mustache make me look fat?" McGuire



So, despite the awkwardness this will create during work situations, I've decided to sign on for this little adventure. As it is for a good cause, I'm hoping th...
Luke Grows a Mustache.

Luke Grows a Mustache.


Justin "Pres. Of Burundi" Daly

All!!! I am Growing this stache for a good cause. Please donate to help improve the quality of Technology in our local schools! Lets show the future generation ...

Bens Super Sweet Stache!


Justin "The Wop Stache" Ingolia

This winter in Sacramento, CA a number of brave souls will sacrifice their faces - and dignities - as Growers for Mustaches for Kids. Our goal is to use our pus...


Do I have a stache? NO Could I grow one? NO Then why do I have a giving page? Because I can get just as many donations for a good cause as a boy can, ha! An...

Kenny "Stache-a-saurus-rex" Olmeda

Hello Friends, I'm growing a fuzzy caterpillar for our public school students and would love your help in making this worthwhile. Please help our students b...

Logan High

Give some duckets to the kids! Cheers.

Michael McDowell's Moostash

Just Donate. Help the Kids. Everything Helps.

Rob "Capt Rob" Brisley


Andrew Never Grown a 'Stache Before Protain

My mustache grows for kids in Brooklyn, my hometown.

Eric "The Fuzz" Everett

Thank you for your donation. It is greatly appreciated.

Joe's Stache for the Kids

Thanks for the donation!

Keith "How Come the Stache" Halcomb

Hello, Welcome to my Donation Page. We have all gathered here to grow our mustaches for the KIDS! On Nov. 9th i shaved clean and started fresh. This will last 5...

Oral's Growing Pain.. oops Page!

Simply said... IT'S FOR THE KIDS!

Tony's Mustache for Kids


Adam "That 70's Guy" Hendryx


Bob "the squirrel" CASTONGIA

I am a teacher, and I am looking for donations to help my school. My students and I would greatly appreciate your donations.

Thomas "Sweet Sounds" Chayrez


Alex Rupisan

Please support my sweet stache by donating to one of the projects below! Thanks!

Daniel "The Claude Rains" Weiss

My mustache needs helping kids.

Ryan "Fuzzy Bones" Garman

Here's what matters most: 1) I am making as ass out of myself by growing a mustache for a month (yup, 4 full weeks), and 2) in the process 100% of every dollar ...

Julian's Money Stache Page

We all know that our schools are underfunded more every year (thanks Prop 13!). Fortunately I have identified the most effective way we can all help. I am sa...

Benajmin "Sixth Street" Schwartz


Drew "Stash-name-pending" Piersa


Huge's Stache for Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too


Ted Janowsky's Mustache

As a mustache 4 kids rookie, this has been a bit of a hairy experience for me. In order to do this, I had to say goodbye to my goatee, and it was not pretty. It...
Jonathan's Imperial Mustache

Jonathan's Imperial Mustache

As trees do not grow without water and sunlight, and Children languish without love and support, so will the mustache flounder without cash. Please donate to...

Skylar "Stache Royale" Woodward


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