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Charlotte Growers

Welcome to Mustaches for Kids Charlotte donation page. On November 13th, brave "Growers" across Charlotte began their journey to Grow A 'Stache and Raise Some Cash. Our goal is to affect hundreds of local Charlotte public school students. Oh, the power of the mustache.

If you plan to sponsor a specific Grower's mustache, click on that gentleman's name from the list below, and fund a project on his Giving Page.

If you would like to donate directly to the Charlotte chapter, look for the "Charlotte – General Donations" Giving Page below.

$64,845 donated
1,043 members
Name Supporters Donated

Bryson "El Conquistador" Brannon

Thanks to all of you who supported our cause! We raised a ton of money for local schools. For those who were able to get your donations matched by your employer...
55 $3,719
Joe 'Moses' Romanelli

Joe 'Moses' Romanelli

I can hardly believe it either, but it's Mustache Time Again! Thanks to our efforts in Charlotte this has turned into a stache competition with cities all acros...
55 $2,958
Chris Doll and Murray the Mustache

Chris Doll and Murray the Mustache

This is my second year growing for Mustaches for Kids! Though not excited to be growing another 'stache, I am excited to help fund lots of worthy causes. I'...
54 $2,468
Michael 'My Third Brow' Szarowicz

Michael 'My Third Brow' Szarowicz

Hey guys! Sponsor my 'stache by picking a project to fund below!
49 $5,444

Brian "Maverick" Paull

I keep asking myself why I am doing this again, and I keep reminding myself it's for the kids...and those fabulous mustache enthusiasts. Please help make my ...
49 $2,832
Peter 'Magnum P.G.' Gilchrist

Peter 'Magnum P.G.' Gilchrist

Dear Friends & Family, Please donate and help me grow the best mustache possible. I need all the help I can get. I plan to send out photos each week, updati...
41 $1,180

Michael "Mojo Muzzy" Wilson

40 $1,962

Brian "Brown Chicken-Brown Cow" Jones

Make me look like a fool, and raise money for kids! What could be better? you really want this guy in the picture to show up at your doorstep!!! ...
38 $1,175
Mike Bufkin

Mike Bufkin

Hey Everyone! Hard to believe that it's Mustache Season already. Thanks for all the support you can show for the Charlotte growers as we remind the rest of ...
34 $3,297
Brian Crane 2008 Moustaches for Kids

Brian Crane 2008 Moustaches for Kids

Donating gives you: 1. Full privilege to humiliate me and my ridiculous moustache; and 2. Give DIRECTLY to a specific teacher / classroom to ensure that our kid...
34 $1,506
Charles Knight and The Commissioner Gordon

Charles Knight and The Commissioner Gordon

Please "sponsor" my Mustache by making a contribution to one of the classroom projects I've chosen. This donation will go directly to local low-income classroom...
27 $1,109
Kevin Reen

Kevin Reen

27 $1,031

Chad "Frito Bandito" Levine

If I am going to embarrass myself again less than a year later, I expect everyone to give at least twice as much as last time. I am guessing that our new presid...
26 $3,928

Jon "Night Rider" Beall
Please support me in my efforts to raise money for kids w/ my 'Stache! - Your donation buys books and supplies for kids at under privileged schools. PLEASE HELP...
26 $1,015
Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II with Ian Ainslie

Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II with Ian Ainslie

Murdock the Magnanimous Mustache II is on his way and needs your help to help the kids. Help Murdock help the kids. Take a look at the projects we're trying to ...
25 $1,372
Eric 'Guinness Grabber' Guzik

Eric 'Guinness Grabber' Guzik

Dear friends, family, colleagues, people I tolerate, folks I loath, and random strangers that somehow found this website: It's another round of growing the s...
24 $3,436

Moe "Dusty" Seitter

My 'stache ain't trash...
24 $1,560

Darren "Kid...DYN-O-MITE" Thompson

In my 2nd attempt at growing a mustache, I'm focused on two topics: (1) Autism and assisting students across Charlotte who struggle with the disability and (2) ...
22 $1,111

Chris "Smitty" Socha

In case you haven't heard I'm growing a mustache in an effort to raise money for high poverty children. Most of the projects that I have selected to sponsor ...
20 $1,092

Tony "S*T*A*C*H*E" Pugh

The only mustache that I have successfully claimed as my own has been milk induced so here's a shot to see if 1) I can actually grow facial hair and 2) help som...
20 $698
Matt 'Sneaky Pete' King-Lineberry

Matt 'Sneaky Pete' King-Lineberry

Thank you for visiting my giving page. Your donation will provide kids in the classroom with much needed materials and projects to foster development. ANY donat...
19 $870
Paul 'Rollie Fingers' Claiborne

Paul 'Rollie Fingers' Claiborne

Only one week to go before I shave off this beautiful crop of hair. Please consider giving if you haven't already done so!
19 $862

Matt "Jermajesty" Cabana

Hey everyone!! Thanks for coming to my donors page. Please look through the donors that I chose to sponsor on my site and pick one that you think would be benef...
19 $814

Stuart "Waly The Love Caterpillar" Newberry

So my buddy Ian convinced me to follow in his footsteps this year ( Starting on November 12, I'll be growing a musta...
17 $539
Blake Aarons's 2008 Mustache

Blake Aarons's 2008 Mustache

In order to be able to make fun of my nasty "Stache" you have to sponsor it! Sponsorships help to fund local classroom projects for kids, in many cases at low-i...
16 $685

Sean "El Salvador" Busher

16 $330
Pete Larsen

Pete Larsen "you know...for the kids!"

Great Charity...100% of your donation goes towards the total needed to fund the project. Plus if you know how absolutely ridiculous I look with a mustache you g...
14 $470

Joe "Escalade" Calouche

Thanks for sponsoring my 'stache to support local classrooms in Charlotte!
14 $320
Ray 'The Bandit' Hernandez

Ray 'The Bandit' Hernandez

13 $384

Tony "The-Loc" Hutchins

Thanks for sponsoring my 'stache!
12 $1,136

John "The Creeper" Newton

Friends, family and co-workers: Thank you for visiting my Giving Page, and supporting my mustache and public school classrooms in Charlotte. I've picked ...
12 $1,108

Aaron "Fuzzy Lumpkins" George

Here's to all my supporters. Growing a mustache is a commitment that involves the blood, sweat and tears of a dedicated individual. Mostly just the blood involv...
12 $340
Joe 'Lil Schnellenberger' Jones

Joe 'Lil Schnellenberger' Jones

Thank you for visiting my page and for generously donating to a worthy cause that will make an immediate difference in the life of a small person willing to lea...
11 $805
Jason Byrd

Jason Byrd

Hi Everyone! I just want to say Thank you for coming to my page. I am growing a "70's STACHE" to help raise money for low income students/classrooms. Please hel...
11 $520

Aaron "I'm a grower not a shower" Cornelison

Thank you for visiting my giving page. I will try to keep it updated with recent Stache Pics. My latest from Stache-giving break should be uploaded soon. Yo...
11 $375

Bill "Boot's Stache" Halpin

11 $315
Michael 'Flavor Savor' Oberg

Michael 'Flavor Savor' Oberg

Family and Friends, It is with much embarrassment that I inform you of my latest endeavor. I have decided to grow a mustache to help raise money for low-income...
11 $260

Ben "The Morrison" Morris

Please help make the 'stache grow by your donations for Mustaches for Kids. Barrett and I wanted to do something to help the community we live in, so we appreci...
10 $400


Friends, Family, and Co-workers, It is with mixed emotions that I write this message. That's right, from mid-November to mid-December I will be subjecting my...
10 $197
Joel Sutherland

Joel Sutherland

Hello everyone, I am growing a mustache that you can watch the progress of here: I am undergoing this humiliation fo...
9 $505
Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom

Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom

Alvin 'I've got a need to look like Apollo Creed' Odom
Family and Friends, Thanks for checking out my page. Please sponsor my 'stache by donating to a project below. Your support will have a lasting impact on the...
9 $503
Brian 'Miracle Grow' Peede

Brian 'Miracle Grow' Peede

I want to say thanks for visiting my Giving Page. If you would like to support my Stache, please donate to one of the Charlotte Projects below.
9 $490
John 'pray mine looks like Ned Flanders' Charles Collins

John 'pray mine looks like Ned Flanders' Charles Collins

Stache Me Please
All, please come along for a ride with me on my initial excursion into manhood. In accordance with making the world a better place, I will be growing a mustache...
9 $400

Adam "Classy Stache" Vater

What a great cause to be apart of! Thank ya'll so much for choosing to donate and to help the kids in Charlotte. So in order to gain some large donations (or ev...
9 $325

Shane "MarioMustachio" Wood

Hello Donors!!!! Well, if you are on this donor site you have probably already committed to donating some of your hard earned money towards a project; so thank...
8 $365

Jaron "60% of the time, it works every time" Ball

THANK YOU for helping the kids in Charlotte. You donate some cash and I will send you some awesome pictures of my stache (it's a work in progress). Pretty sweet...
7 $525

Danny "Randy" Staton

Hey Friends and Family. Please read about all the Kids you will be benefiting by donating money to this wonderful cause.
7 $494

Doug "The Ripper" Riepe

Who knew that growing a creepy stache could help benefit so many kids and schools. Come on guys get off the hip and help the kids! Thanks Doug
7 $185

Sean "Apollo Creed" Hadley

First of all thank you for taking the time to look at my donor page. This is my first year participating in Mustaches for kids and so far I've been impressed. I...
7 $150

Fred "HotforTeacher" Byers

Friends & Fasmily, In order for you to make fun of my sad attempt at a 'Stache, you must sponser it. Please make a donation towards one of the low-income cla...
6 $582

Allan "Al the Welder" Smallwood

On behalf of a grateful grower, I thank you for your generous donation to this worthy cause.
6 $125

Cam "The Used Car Salesman" Heiliger

5 $531

Pearce Hayes M4K Charlotte, NC

Friends, family and co-workers: Thank you for visiting my Giving Page, and supporting my mustache and public school classrooms in Charlotte. I've picked a few l...
5 $445

Abraham "Moose" Detchemendy

Come one, come all and join me in helping the children! Watching me grow a horrendously Amazing mustache shouldn't be rewarding enough, please donate and help o...
5 $240

Kevin "The Vinnie" Leach

Thanks for all the support and sponsorship, its for an excellent cause, spread the word
5 $185
Tiny Dancer can change the world

Tiny Dancer can change the world

Hey everyone! I have decided to participate in this embarassing yet for a great cause event. You are only allowed to point and laugh at me if you donate money. ...
5 $175

Carlisle "Barely a Stache" Hamrick

5 $121

Brant "Stud" Carnwath

Hey I'm Stud Yeah stud the stash! I'm helping raise money for kids here in charlotte and am looking for any bit of help. Just thing what jsut $5 or even $20 ...
5 $116

Curtis "Captain Insano" Kieler

Let's help out the kids. And ensure I haven't been growing this mustache for nothing. I look like Peter Sellers for Pete's sake. Pick a cause below and donate! ...
5 $107

Jamie "El Guapo" Lynch

Greetings loved ones and compadres. It is us, El Guapo and I encouraging you to help us eliminate ignorance by donating funds to educate kids in our own Queen c...
5 $80

Ian "The Street Sweeper" Patrick

Alright so it's still week one and my mustaches is growing feverishly. I have updated my 'stache photo so all can see. Please make fun of me, but not without do...
4 $708

Mr. Bill Young

Just do it for the KIDS.
4 $420

RD "Purple Cobra" Covington

Helping out the kiddies and looking to repeat my follicle dominance.
4 $300
Charlotte - General Donations

Charlotte - General Donations

Don't have a specific Grower in mind in Charlotte? Make a donation to a Charlotte classroom by picking a project below! To see more pictures of guys with 'st...
4 $186

Pedro for President (Nathan Berton)

4 $175

Casey "The Push Broom" Pickett

3 $563

Fergus '0 for 2' O'Kane

Welcome to my Giving Page! Please make a donation to one of the projects listed below.
3 $552

Keith 'Hall & Oates' Messick

Stache-Tastic! By supporting my super sweet 'stache, you are supporting the classroom projects for hundreds of kids. Do it for the kids.
3 $373

Bruce "Lip Mange" Crescenzo

3 $300

Brian 'Used Car Salesman' Baker

3 $105

Clay Schossow's "Mustache"
Hey Everyone, I'm growing a "mustache." You can read my profile and see it progress here: Don't expect much, I'm about as c...
2 $101

Philippe Bouyer

2 $100

Phillip Riley

2 $62

Jeff's "trash stache" Chance

2 $60

Joey "The Handlebar" Schillaci

2 $30

Mark Anthony 'The Repeller' Miller

Give what you can for the kids, they could be helping ours someday.
2 $25

Lane's Mustache

Thank Thank Thank you for all those who have given, are thinking about giving, and will give. This is such a worthwhile organziation. Both parents and my brothe...
2 $20

Dustin "Weezy" Murphy


Jeramy Hall


Flint Foley


Anthony Flint's Mustache Campaign 08!

Help support all the local schools around the Charlotte area this year. I am growing this mustache, that often times looks a little funny, it definitely is a li...

Mustaches for Charlotte's Kids and Teachers


Logan High

Give some duckets to the kids! Cheers.

Rob "Capt Rob" Brisley


Oral's Growing Pain.. oops Page!

Simply said... IT'S FOR THE KIDS!
Kenny 'The Herminator' Wallace

Kenny 'The Herminator' Wallace

Hi, this is Kenny Wallace, NASCAR driver, and I support Mustaches for Kids. Help me support local classrooms in need by donating to one of the projects listed b...

Charlotte Ladies for Lip Hair

For all you Charlotte Enthusiasts out there who would Grow a sweet 'stache if you could, this page is for you! Here is a sampling of some 'stachetastic local pr...



Jon "Night Rider" Beall

Kevin "White Lightning" Cummings

Thanks for your donation!

Keith "KIPP Stache" Burnam
Thanks for sponsoring my Mustache!

Tony "Mr. Big" Washington

Thank you for your support
Tony Luigimustachio Cameron

Tony Luigimustachio Cameron

To all my fellow Luigi-ites. I call you to arms. Luigi has been the Cinderella story of the Mario Brothers. Does he get props? No!!! Ladies and gentles men this...

Hairy Mcgee

Bram "Mr. Ticklesworth" Colonna

Nothing says class like a good ole fashion mustache. And nothing is classier than giving to good cause. I, along with my counterpart, Mr. Ticklesworth, my bloss...

Chris Miller

Donate money for the kids as I grow my sweet "stache"

Tyler Wilhoit


Help the Kids

Hey guys! Sponsor my 'stache by picking a project to fund below!

Weezy for Kids


Help Ms. P Help Others

Start my own page