What Can I Request?

At DonorsChoose.org, you can request student-centered materials you need to support instruction in your classroom. To do this, you will shop online at one of our 26 vendors' websites to choose materials for your classroom project.

DonorsChoose.org uses a point system, and as you earn more points, you are able to request a wider range of resources. As a new DonorsChoose.org teacher, you start with 3 points in your account, which means you can submit up to three projects at once.

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The nitty gritty of the project submission guidelines

When you request... ...you use
- Materials for $400 or less1 point
- Materials for $401 to $8002 points
- Materials for more than $8014 points
- Class Visitor6 points
- Class Trip6 points
- Special Request (any materials not offered by our vendors)6 points
When your project is funded......you earn
- You confirm you still want the materials within 6 days.1 point
- You return a thank-you package that is complete and compelling.1 point
- You return your thank-you package on or before its due date.1 point
Note: For each above action you fail to complete, you will lose 1 point, so be sure to check your email and create a great thank-you package!